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Kuschall Advance

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Kuschall Advance


The Küschall Advance is designed from a complete new starting point compared to the usual way of conceiving new wheelchairs, considering the most important need of the users – the seating!


Made out of carbon, the rigid carbon seat plate is the main part of the Küschall Advance. Everything else has been designed and developed around it. The final design of the carbon seat plate was influenced not only by innovative ideas regarding advanced super lightweight materials, but also by a desire for an increase of the stiffness of the entire construction. The result is an outstanding driving performance and responsiveness combined to a high level of comfort. The small stripes at the rear of the seat plate follow the shape of the user’s body and thus improve the pressure distribution on the seat surface.


Configurable and adjustable like no other wheelchair, the Küschall Advance has been designed to be customized and adjusted easily to each user’s specific needs. Not until today has it been possible to provide a wheelchair with stepless adjustability at any time, with an accuracy in millimeters on following parts: rear seat-to-floor height, front seat-to-floor height, centre of gravity, knee-to-heel length, front wheel supporter angle, brakes position, backrest angle

Kuschall Advance - from £1795

Model Specification

Standard Features • Active, Lightweight, Rigid Wheelchair with Height Adjustable Rigid Footrest • Easy Stepless adjustments on Front & Rear Seat Heights, Centre of Gravity and Footrest • Carbon Fibre Solid Seat Plate • Aluminium Front Frame 75° or 90° Front Angle • Self Propel Kuschall Starec Hub Q/R Rear Wheels with Grey Aluminium Handrims & Grey Light Pneumatic Tyres • Choice of 6 Seat Widths 340mm to 460mm (13" - 18") • Choice of 5 Seat Depths 360mm to 520mm (14" - 20") • Range of Front Seat Heights from 450mm to 550mm (17" - 21") • Range of Rear Seat Heights from 390mm to 490mm (15" - 19") • Lockdown Folding, Angle & Height Adjustable Backrest • Light Back Upholstery • Without Push Handles, Carbon Clothesguards • Black Aluminium Axle Tube with 3° Camber • Black Comfort Front Castor • Standard Brake Lever Bent • Tool Kit
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