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Skippi – Experience the world

  • Very narrow
  • Manoeuvrable and fast
  • Colourful design
  • Individually adaptable
  • Many fitting options to promote the child
  • Easy to stow

Cross boundaries, develop independence, conquer the outdoors. With Skippi, daily new experiences and exploration are fun. The power wheelchair is narrow, fast, and manoeuvrable. Your child can use it to explore every corner without problems – even in small rooms – and is more mobile and independent. In this way, Skippi supports your child’s urge to move and to explore. Naturally, the colourful design is also attractive.

Skippi’s speed and high degree of maneuverability helps it support children’s urge to move and the pleasure they derive from making discoveries

The arm and back rests are all adjustable so your child can participate fully in life. This also means Skippi can grow with your child.

It is also easy to disassemble and fits in any small car.

Skippi - from £3995

Model Specification

Max. speed 6 km/h • Battery capacity 12V, 31Ah C20 • Distance range approx. 30 km • Max. load capacity 50 kg • Empty weight 68 kg • Max. obstacle height that can be cleared 50 mm • Overall width 57 cm • Overall length without legrests 70 cm • Overall length with legrests 85 cm • Turning radius 55 cm • Seat height 43 cm • Seat width 26 – 38 cm • Seat depth 30 – 37 cm • Seat inclination (optional: continuous) -9°/3°/12° (0°– 25°) • Armrest height 16 – 27 cm • Back height - 35/40/42/44/46 cm • Back width 30 cm • Back angle (optional: continuous) 0-25° • Lower leg length 11 – 26 cm • Frame colors - yellow, blue, red
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