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Careflex Hydroflex

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Careflex Hydroflex

The Careflex HydroFlex is one of our most flexible chairs combining an articulating back, back angle recline, Tilt-in-Space and integral pressure management. The wide variety of positions that can be achieved, together with the comprehensive range of options and accessories that are available, mean the Careflex Hydroflex can accommodate specific postural adjustments or form part of a rehabilitation programme

The HydroFlex should be selected for clients; • with neurological conditions who need to maintain a good, midline posture. • with neurological conditions who require ‘correct’ functional positioning for rehab and activities. • with fixed skeletal postures of the hips and spine. • with conditions affecting their abdomen which makes upright sitting uncomfortable. • who require a wide range of positions for different activities through the day. The HydroFlex chair is all about keeping the client in a good, midline position. Once set up, the position is ‘prescriptive’ and will hold the client reasonably fi rmly. For this reason, the HydroFlex is not suitable for those clients with strong contractures or with pronounced pelvic windsweeping or obliquity. The HydroFlex is suitable for clients with neurological conditions such as MS or MND, for stroke rehabilitation and rehabilitation following spinal or head injury

Careflex Hydroflex - from £2470

Model Specification

SIZE OPTIONS Small: Internal Seat Width 280/330/380/430mm Small: Maximum User Weight 100kg Medium: Internal Seat Width 350/400/450/500mm Medium: Maximum User Weight 150kg
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