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Flexi Porter

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Flexi Porter

The friendly appearance of the Flexi Porter conceals an effective porter chair with a host of safety, support and comfort feature

Designed with comfort, support and a friendly appearance, the robust Flexi Porter has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of a wide range of users, in one chair.

Comfort features:

The Flexi Porter comes in three sizes and has an adjustable seat depth and seat angle to help you fit the chair individually for the user to maximise their comfort and support.

The waterfall back cushions can be individually positioned to meet the user’s support needs and the fibre can be adjusted in each cushion to provide additional support where it is needed. The back of the chair can also be reclined using a lever on the push handle, to place the user into more relaxed and restful positions, while maintaining the seat to floor height

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Model Specification

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