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Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Extreme X8 All Terrain Wheelchair

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 All Terrain

4-Wheel Drive Off Road Powerchair

This is not your standard outdoor wheelchair! The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 will be your partner to just about any destination; through sand or snow and up or down kerbs, the Extreme X8 is a true all-terrain wheelchair. Unrivalled off-road performance and reliability make it a perfect outdoor wheelchairs for adventurers, explorers and rural workers. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.

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FROM £13,450

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The Extreme X8 has an exceptionally smooth, jolt-free ride delivering unparalleled comfort. This is due to the suspension that keep all four driving wheels on the ground and smooths the impact of small bumps and changes in the elevation of terrain. The low pressure knobbly tyres provide a comfortable ride and gives the wheelchair increased grip and climbing ability. TRULY delivering an all terrain electric wheelchair!


The Extreme X8 4-wheel drive wheelchair eats kerbs and small steps for breakfast. This is due to the four independent motors, all-terrain low pressure knobbly tyres and the articulating front suspension.

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Width:710 mm
Length:1050 mm (without footrest)
Seat Width:305-610 mm (Rehab seat) - 405-610 mm (Comfort seat)
Seat Height:435 mm
Seat Depth:305-560 mm (Rehab seat) - 405-560 mm (Comfort seat)
Seat Tilt:Fixed 3º - Power 0º to 5º
Backrest Height:430-635 mm (Comfort backrest) - 480-635 mm
(Rehab Comfort backrest)
Back Recline:Manual 0º to 170º / Power 0º to 160º
Armrest Height:220 to 390 mm
Turning Radius:580 mm


Speed:10 km/h
Batteries:70 Amp
Max Kerb Climb:100 mm
Min. Weight:168 kg
Maximum User Weight:182 kg (155 kg tilted and elevated)


Crash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19
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